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What is Yahoo BB?

Yahoo BB is the largest Internet service provider in Japan. With its ADSL service, you can enjoy unlimited Internet access with an affordable monthly rate. You can also enjoy its IP phone service with competitive competitive phone rates.

How fast is the Internet?

download_speedYahoo BB currently offers 5 types of ADSL services; 50M Revo, 50M, 26M, 12M and 8M. These numbers represent the maximum download speeds. However, the actual speed is influenced by a lot of factors. The most influential factor is the distance between your local NTT exchange and your house. The speed degrades as the distance becomes longer.

Which service should I choose?

If you are a price conscious consumer or do not use the Internet very often, 8M is the best choice. If you are looking for a faster Internet connection, 50M is definitely the best. 50M service is slightly distance-resistant too. Theoretically, a download speed of 1Mbps can be achieved even 5.5 km away from an NTT exchange. The speed is still 18 times faster than the conventional dial-up service with which the maximum speed is only 56kbps.

upload_speedDifference Between 50M Revo and 50M

These are two kinds of 50M services: "50M" and "50M Revo". 50M Revo offers faster upload speed if your house is close enough to your local NTT exchange. If your house is not close, a regular 50M service should be enough for you.

Service Type 50M Revo 50M 26M 12M 8M
Maximum Download Speed 50.5Mbps 50Mbps 26Mbps 12Mbps 8Mbps
Maximum Upload Speed 12.5Mbps 3Mbps 1Mbps 1Mbps 0.9Mbps

Basic Monthly Rates

Since Yahoo BB uses NTT's telephone network to provide the service, they can offer cheaper Internet connection to those who already subscribe an NTT telephone service. The basic charges below include the modem rental charge as well.

Service Type 50M Revo 50M 26M 12M 8M
NTT East user 4,437 4,122 4,017 3,702 3,282
NTT West user 4,445 4,130 4,025 3,710 3,290
Non-NTT user 6,109 5,794 5,689 5,374 4,954

In order to cover the initial connection cost, the connection charge of 84 will be charged for the first 60 months. So there is no one-time big connection fee for you to pay to install Yahoo! BB. Even if you cancel the service before the 60 months period, you are not obliged to pay the remaining connection charge.

Universal Service Charge of 7 per month will be added in order to assist NTT's rural telephone networks.

This site was created by some Japanese students to assist foreign students who want to apply for an  Internet service in Japan. So, the site is NOT officially related to either Yahoo! BB or its application agents. For more accurate and up-to-date information, please visit Yahoo! BB official website. 

Last updated:September, 2010