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How to Apply

You can apply for Yahoo!BB through your local application agent. If you cannot find one, here is an agent which takes your application online.

Application Agent Details
Yahoo! Japan Inc.

5 Months of Free Internet Connection
for those who apply with WIreless Lan Package

3 Months of Free Internet Connection
for those who apply without WIreless Lan Package

  • The basic ADSL monthly charge will be free for the first five months (three months for those who do not apply with Wireless Lan Package.)
  • If you have cancelled Yahoo! BB in the past six months, you are not eligible for this campaign.
  • This special promotion is offered solely by Yahoo! Japan Inc (Yahoo BB's largest application agent). Hence, the other agents cannot handle this special promotion.

Click a link below, for detailed application guide.

Most of the application agents have their own promotion including cash back! So make sure
to shop around and get the best deal. Here is another agent which offers great deal.
  •     BB Mart Inc. <Yahoo!BB ADSL Up to 30,000 Yen Cash Back>
    • 30,000 yen cash back on ADSL NTT Type + Wireless + BBTV Basic Channel Pack application.
    • 10,000 yen cash back on ADSL NTT Type+ Wireless Lan application.
    • 7,000 yen cash back on all other NTT Type applications.
    • The minimum of ten months usage is required to be eligible for the cash back.
    • In addition...
      1,050 yen Discount on ADSL monthly charge for the first six months.
Looking for Fiber Optics?
  • Best Communications Inc.<Flet's Fiber Optics Up to 75,000 Yen Cash Back>
    • The amount of cash back depends on the type of service you apply.
    • You can claim for the cash back within 90 days after the connection.