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Setting Up Yahoo! BB
Modem Status
Official Setup Manual (Yahoo! BB official homepage)

Setting Up YahooBB

All you have to do is connect a modem between your PC and the phone jack in your house. Then you can immediately enjoy the Internet!

If you cannot connect to the Internet after simply installing the modem, you will probably have to make some changes to the network configuration of your PC by following the instruction below.

The following links direct you to YahooBB Official Hpmepage. These instructions are for the Japanese version of operation systems. But by simply following the pictures, you won't have any difficulties setting up your non-Japanese OS.

Windows 98 / 98SE / Me

Windows 2000

Windows XP

Mac OS 9.1 or later
Mac OS X

Note: The enclosed CD-ROM can be used for Windows Japanese version only. If your computer runs non-Japanese OS, try the manual setup mentioned above instead of using the CD-ROM.

Normal Modem Status

BB Modem 4-G
Trio Modem 3-G Plus
Trio Modem 3-G
Trio Modem 26M
Trio Modem 12M
4-G Modem 3-G 12M Modem
A) Power This lamp lights when power is properly supplied..
B) Warning This lamp is normally off.
C) Link The lamp lights when the modem is receiving enough signals from Yahoo BB server.
D) PC This lamp lights when the modem and your PC are properly connected.
H) BB Phone The lamp lights when BB phone service is available.
I) Wireless LAN Only for Wireless LAN Package users. This lamp lights only when a wireless LAN card is properly inserted into the modem.
K) Data This lamp is usually blinking, indicating proper communication between your PC and the modem.
L) Communication This lamp is usually blinking, indicating proper communication between your modem and Yahoo BB server. The lamp comes steady when you are using BB phone service.


If there is something wrong with your Yahoo BB connection, try the followings.
Restart the modem by unplugging the power adaptor from the outlet for approximately 30 seconds.
If restarting did not work, try the followings:

If (C) Link lamp is off or blinking:
  1. Check the connection between the modem and the phone jack on the wall.
  2. If you have multiple phone jacks in your house, Unplug all the phone equipment and try connecting the modem to each phone jack until the C) Link lamp becomes steady.
  3. Phone cables and modem are influenced by other electric appliances such as TV or microwave. Keep them away from electric goods.
  4. If your phone line is shared with other services, it may interfere ADSL signals. Such services include:
    • Home Security System----Ask your security company if their system is ADSL compatible.
    • Sky Perfect TV (Pay Per View Channel)----Try the connection mentioned in Yahoo BB official homepage.
    • No Ringing Service (remote meter reading system) for gas, water or electricity---Ask your utility companies if their systems are ADSL compatible.
If (D) PC lamp is off:
  1. Check the cable between your PC and the modem.
  2. By referring to your PC manual, see if the LAN adapter is properly configured.
  3. Check the network configuration once again.
If you still have trouble connecting to the Internet, contact SoftBank BB Technical Support Center for assistance.
If you still have problem, ADSL may not be ideal for you. Consider having fiber optics from your local CATV or utility company. OCN also offers the service. An application agent with its own sign-up campaign is here .

References (Yahoo BB Official Homepage)

Trio Modem 26M English Setup Guide(PDF)
Trio Modem 12M English Setup Guide(PDF)