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You can add Yahoo BB optional services. However, some services require a Japanese operation system and the official support is usually offered in Japanese language.

Wireless LAN Package

Wireless LAN Setup Guide
You can also enjoy free Public Wireless LAN access.
With this package, you will receive a device which sends out radio waves from your modem. So you can enjoy the Internet connection without using a LAN cable between your modem and PC. To receive radio waves, you can use a built-in Wireless system of your PC or you may have to purchase a wireless LAN adaptor from a computer shop.

Call Forwarding (Tensou Denwa Service)

315/month, 500 /initial setup fee
Details (Yahoo BB Official Homepage)

With Call Forward, you can forward all incoming calls to another phone. This service only applies to the calls made to your Yahoo BB line. If you subscribe an NTT telephone service, the incoming calls to your NTT line will not be forwarded.

You can transfer your BB phone calls to:
  • BB phone
  • NTT phone (some special phone numbers, such as toll free numbers, are excluded)
  • Cell phone
  • PHS
  • International telephone number
The caller have to pay the telephone charge to your BB phone. You have to pay the telephone charge from your BB phone to the telephone number of your choice

Cell Phone Discount 30 (Keitaiwari 30)

Details (Yahoo BB Official Homepage)

30% Discount for all calls made to a cell phone in Japan.
Time Regular Rate: 30% Discount Rate:
08:00-23:00 26.25/min. 18.375/min.
23:00-08:00 21/min 14 (14.7 tax inx.)/min.

Caller ID (Bangou Hyouji Service)

735/Initial Set-up Fee
Details (Yahoo BB Official Homepage)

This is a feature that displays the telephone number of the calling party. You need a caller ID compatible telephone
Note: This service works only for calls made to your BB phone. If you subscribe an NTT phone service, the Caller ID doesn't work for calls made to your NTT phone line.

BB Phone Optional Package

Details (Yahoo BB Official Homepage)
It combines three BB phone opttions (Call Forwarding + Cell Phone Discount 30 + Caller ID) with a discount price.

BB Phone Call Record (Tsuuwa Meisaisho)

Details (Yahoo BB Official Homepage)

With 315 yen/month, a paper-based itemized BB Phone Call Record can be sent to you every month. However you can check the same information over the Internet for free of charge.

BB Security

Details (BB Security Official Homepage)

Antivirus software powered by Symantec. Japanese version of Windows 2000 or later is required.