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Connection Date Notification
Account Information
Payment Registration

envelopeYahoo! BB is one of the brand names for SoftBank Inc. Watch out for the letters from "SoftBank".

Connection Date Notification (Sample for NTT phone users)

connection day

Account Information Letter

account info

Payment Registration Form

In one or two weeks after Yahoo! BB connection, you will receive a form to fill out your payment information. You can choose either "credit card" or "direct debt from your bank or postal savings account".

If you don't return the form back, Yahoo! BB sends you special bills payable at convenience stores as an alternative way to collect money. However, because it is not an official Yahoo! BB payment method, they usually add 315 yen service charge every time they issue this special bill. So make sure to return the form promptly in order to avoid the unnecessary service charge.

SAMPLE (Click to enlarge)
Credit Card Postal Savings Bank Account
credit card postal savings bank account

  • If you use your signature for your passbook. You can sign this form instead of using your stamp.
  • Because of M&A, a lot of banks have changed their names recently and their branch networks are diminishing rapidly. Make sure to check the current bank and branch information before filling out the form.
  • If you put the enclosed information-protection-cover immediately after filling out this form, the seals will be blurred. Give enough time for the seals to dry up, otherwise automatic debt won't be authorized.
  • Credit card holders can also take advantage of online payment registration.