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i-Dream Application Guide
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Yahoo! BB
+ What's YahooBB?
+ Internet Speed
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BB Phone
+ What's BB Phone?
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+ ¥25,000 Cash Back
- - NTT Phone User
- - Non-NTT Phone User
+ Free Trial

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+ Optional Services

Technical Info
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+ Troubleshooting
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NTT Telephone Users
Non-NTT Users
Receiving your modem

Application Steps for NTT phone users

The whole process usually takes 10 to 14 days.
  1. Visit i-Dream homepage and fill out the application form (English Instruction).
  2. Yahoo BB sends you a letter indicating the connection date. The connection is done within the NTT telephone exchange. You don't have to stay home.
  3. You will receive a modem on the connection day. Connect the modem and enjoy the Internet.

Application Steps for Non-NTT users

The process usually takes 3 to 4 weeks.
  1. Go to i-Dream Homepage and fill out the application form(English Instruction).
  2. Fax a copy of your ID to i-Dream (Fax:048-682-5922) Fax service is available at most convenience store.
  3. Yahoo BB sends you a letter indicating the installation date.
  4. An NTT contractor visits your house on the installation date. You will also receive a modem on the same day. Connect the modem and enjoy the Internet.
Valid Identification
__Japanese Driver's License
__Japanese Insurance Card
__Japanese Passport
__Residence Registry Card
__Alien Registration Card
  • If the certificate is a card size type, the copy should be enlarged to twice its original size.
  • The certificate should include your name, address, birthday, expiration date.
  • If the current address is different, you can attach a copy of utility bill (phone, gas, electricity etc.). The utility bill should include your name and current address.
  • If you are under 20 years old, a certificate from one of your relatives (parents, brothers or sisters) has to be submitted as well.

Modem Delivery

You will receive your modem on the connection day by Sagawa Express. If you are not at home, they will leave you a "Message of Non-Delivery". Call Sagawa Express for re-delivery.

Non-Delivery Slip (Sample)
sagawa slip
Click to enlarge